A Guide To Credit Repair

For Brokers in Australia

credit repair guide

At some point in a mortgage or finance brokers career, they will come across a client with a credit default and will need a credit repair guide. A credit default or adverse information on a client’s credit file can impact their ability to move forward with a finance application. That is why a service like ours at Clear Credit Solutions is vitally important. Clear Credit Solutions can assist in helping remove any adverse listings from a credit report in Australia. That way the client and broker can proceed with their finance.

However, not all listings can be removed from a credit report. Only some listings can be removed and checking the credit repair guide and following up with a phone call to Clear Credit Solutions is best practice. Our friendly team can assist with any enquiries from client’s or brokers about adverse credit defaults or information.

This infographic provides a quick and easy guide for mortgage and finance brokers when it comes to credit repair.

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At Clear Credit Solutions, we are the credit repair experts and can help when it comes to negative listings on a credit file.

Get in contact with our friendly staff for a free credit repair assessment today. No admin or investigation fees, no charge per default and a full refund guarantee so there is no risk! You can either call 1300 789 783 or fill in our enquiry and we will call you today.

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