5 Ways To Save Money When You Are Broke

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It can be tough to put money aside when you’re scraping the cash barrel already, but there are ways to stretch your budget.

The mums of Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save have revealed their best savings hacks when you’ve got nothing to save at all.

1. Sell your unwanted items

Selling off your unwanted or old items was a hot tip from many mums.

“When we’re desperate for cash I sell things on FB marketplace,” one mum wrote.  “Usually unwanted clothes of mine or my children’s,” she said.

“I’m currently doing this and have kept a spreadsheet of everything I’m selling. I’m up to $845 as of today.”

2. Change your meal plan

Many mums suggested opting for vego dishes instead of meat to save on their grocery bills.

“We are adding extra veg to our meals so it can stretch over 2 days,” one mum wrote.

“Eat a lot of vegetarian meals, and always cook a nice soup.”

Others suggested even growing your own vegetables to cut down costs even further.

3. Always buy marked down items

Buying things on sale will see you save a serious amount over time. “I won’t pay more than a certain price for a lot of my grocery items,” one mum said. “If it is higher than that price we don’t get it that week.”

One mum’s limit was $3 per kilo for veggies and fruits. And, if you’re wondering whether that’s a little tough to do, another mum suggested you head to your local market and see what you can get.

“I often fill 4 large cooler bags with fruit and veg for under $30. All that I have to buy from the supermarket is meat, milk and pantry items,” she said. “Makes it very cheap to make healthy meals for my family!” Save Money

4. Get a better rate

One mum said getting a better rate for your bills is key to saving more cash.

“Ring all of your insurances, banks and utilities and get a better rate,” she says.

5. Wash your cleaning items

If you’re normally a one-use-wonder kind of person, perhaps you should think about reusing old dish cloths.

“I buy the $1 packets of dish cloths and wash them in the washing machine so they last until they can’t be washed anymore,” one member wrote.

“I save heaps of money and don’t ever need to use a dirty cloth or sponge. Win-win!” Another added.

You can do this with sponges too, another mum suggested. Or, you can cut your sponges in half to make the packet last longer. Save Money


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