Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Were Rejected for a Credit Card

There are multiple sources of assistance for someone that has found a negative listing on their credit file. These can range from contacting your mortgage and finance broker, speaking to a friend, or simply doing a Google search. Some of the above sources will point you to the best option for you when it comes to clear credit and that is to contact the team here at Clear Credit Solutions.

Specialising in negative listings and helping you get them remove, Clear Credit Solutions is a simple and fast credit repair service. The team has years of knowledge to help you get those credit defaults, court judgments or clear outs taken off your credit report so that you can move forward.

Not only does the team offer a unique and fast service but also useful articles which consumers can browse themselves to gain further information on the industry.

Although your credit card request might be rejected due to various reasons, don’t give up just yet! But before you submit another application right away, take the time to understand why your first one didn’t go through. So in this clear credit article, we will discuss

All though a denied credit card application won’t directly affect your credit score, each time you make an attempt to apply for one a hard inquiry is recorded on your credit report. Making multiple applications in succession will show up as numerous inquiries in a short period of time and could detrimentally impact your credit rating while also exhibiting that you’re eager for more debt, heightening the likelihood of being declined again.

Instead of focusing on the rejection, it is better to analyze what caused your application denial. This way you can ensure that when applying again in the future, any deficiencies are improved and your chances at approval increase drastically!

Some common reasons why your credit card application may have been rejected

  1. Unfortunately, if you are under the age of 18 or a temporary resident, your application for a credit card may be denied. However, to apply for most cards successfully, you must meet both the minimum age requirement and residency criteria; that is at least 18 years old and either a permanent resident or citizen. For those with short-term visas who would still like to manage their finances through receiving a credit card – it is recommended that you read over all terms & conditions thoroughly prior to submitting your application!
  2. Filling out applications can often be tedious, which could tempt you to rush through them in order to finish faster. Unfortunately, this haste may lead you to supply incorrect information that might result in your application getting rejected. Thus, it is critical that you are cautious and precise when filling out these forms if you want a successful submission!

Securing success with your card application requires that all of the information submitted is accurate. Inaccuracies such as an address or driver’s licence number can lead to a rejection – but don’t worry! A simple double-check now can save you future frustrations and guarantee acceptance. Take some time today to make sure everything on your submission form is correct before submitting it, and get ready for the rewards ahead!

3.Do you make below the minimum annual income for most credit cards? – Most banks and institutions require an applicant to have at least $30,000 to $40,000 in yearly earnings before they will approve a card. If this is too high of an amount for your current financial situation, consider applying only for low-income credit cards as these usually demand lower criteria than other rewards or points programs offered by premium providers.

4.If you want to be approved for a new credit card, having a large income isn’t necessarily enough. Responsible lending is important to every credit provider, which means they must evaluate your financial standing before approving your application. If the lender believes that you already have too much debt and cannot manage any additional payments, then it’s likely that they will reject your request.

When evaluating your application, credit providers will assess your income and expenses to determine if you can handle more debt. If spending surpasses your earnings or a large chunk of them goes towards existing debts, the provider may view you as a high-risk applicant and potentially deny the application.

5. Possessing a diminished credit score usually result in the decline of a credit card application in Australia, as many lenders are only willing to accept those with an excellent rating. When applying for a card, your issuer will ask for verification from one of the main reporting agencies; if you have any negative info or low scores on record, there’s no guarantee that they’ll approve it.

At Clear Credit Solutions, we understand how important your credit score is. That’s why we offer a free credit repair assessment to help you fix bad credit and improve your listings on your credit file. Our experienced clear credit experts will work hard to remove any negative listings on your file to help you move forward financially!

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At Clear Credit Solutions, we are the credit repair experts who want to help you obtain the finance you need by removing negative listings off from your credit report. Contact us today On 1300 789 783 or fill out an application form, to clear credit! We will work with you closely to understand your financial goal and create a plan that helps you achieve it in no time. So don’t wait any longer, call us now and let us help you take control of your finances!

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