Locked Into Your Mortgage?

If the regulatory body overseeing Australia’s banking institutions reintroduces a “floor rate” for new mortgages, some borrowers could find themselves unable to refinance with alternative lenders…

Although the rewards of refinancing are well-known, many hesitate because they’re uncertain how much time is required to complete the process. How long exactly does it take to refinance?

Having more money often means having a better quality of life and increased choices. Think about the possibilities: retiring early, extinguishing credit card debt faster, saving even more or investing in passive income sources that will keep on giving…

Missing a payment related to your credit card, bill or mortgage will be recorded on your credit file by Equifax and other agencies. Factors such as these should always be taken into account:

Now that you’ve just paid off your mortgage, it’s time to discharge the mortgage from your Certificate of Title. This easy process will permanently delete any record of a lender on this title – and could help save you considerable distress further down the road!

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