Repair Your Bad Credit History

Repair Your Bad Credit History

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, a financial institution would have conducted a credit history check to find out the details of your previous transactions and repayments. Often, this method is overlooked in order to fix bad credit ratings – by checking your history, you can go about resolving the black marks against your name and repair your bad reputation with banks or financial institutions.
What does a credit file contain?

Your credit history includes personal information and details about all the loans you hold. Credit applications that you have previously made are also kept on file and any overdue accounts will be noted. Many people are often taken aback on how much information is kept in their credit history, especially when discovering that these details can be logged for as long as four to seven years.

Why should you repair your credit history?

It’s important that you consider fixing your bad credit rating so you can embrace financial backup in the future. Additionally, carrying out a check of your file will ensure there are no errors against your name, which could potentially be causing you wrongful rejection for loan applications. More importantly, checking these details will make sure you’re not a victim of identity fraud.

How can I check my history?

To obtain a copy of your credit file, we recommend you contact Veda Advantage or Dun and Bradstreet. You’ll most likely receive your copy for free within ten working days.