Remove Black Marks

Remove Black Marks

Do I get a ‘black mark’ or a default on my credit report if I pay my bills late?

From March 2014: Credit providers that hold an Australian credit licence will provide payment information to credit reporting bodies. Remove black marks, If a payment is made more than five days late, it will be reported as an ‘overdue payment’. Remove black marks This is known as repayment history information.  Licensed credit providers can also access this information when assessing you for credit and the late payment may affect your ability to get credit.Unless you can remove defaults & black marks.

Before March 2014, any reference to a ‘black mark’ or remove black mark on a credit file was a reference to a default. After March 2014, defaults will continue to be reported, in addition to repayment history information. A default however cannot be recorded until the payment is more than 60 days overdue. Remove black marks

The overdue amount or remove black marks for a default must be more than $150 and you must receive written notification before the default can be entered. Default information can be reported and accessed by both licensed credit providers and those that do not hold an Australian credit licence (such as telecommunications or utility companies).Remove black marks