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Looking to see how you can fix your bad credit rating in Australia?

Remove black marks against your name, allowing you to increase your credit score and achieve better outcomes. Our fix for bad ratings helps you to repair your reputation through quick, simple and affordable solutions, ultimately allowing you to eliminate your debt and get back on track with your finances.

When you apply for any type of loan, a credit report is almost always checked, detailing the history of your past financial activities. Often the main reason that those within Australia are unable to achieve their financial objectives, bad credit ratings cause embarrassment and stress.

At Clear Credit, we offer a credit repair service with no upfront fee, allowing you to quickly remove and legally improve fix a bad rating. Paying only for the work that is completed, you’ll receive a repair for negative details against your name, as we remove these aspects from reports.

With our extensive knowledge in all the relevant legislation and how to conduct appropriate processes, our credit repair staff are highly trained professionals in Australia. With combined friendly attitudes and a genuine desire to help every individual reach every chance of success, we’ll show you how to fix a bad credit rating with absolute care and attention – all at the most affordable price to you.

We remove…

  • Defaults
  • Judgments
  • Clear outs

Best of all, we do so with a no-win-no-pay policy.

Want a better tomorrow?

  • Save thousands on interest repayments
  • Instant approval for finance
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Lower interest rates

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How much extra do you pay with bad credit?

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Interest paid with good credit

Interest paid with bad credit

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